Waffle house shooting hero says he is not a hero, but the internet disagrees


The hero of the tragic Waffle house shooting at Nashville by a 29-year-old Travis ReinKing has claimed he is not hero at all.
The shooting claimed the lives of four people today making it the second mass shooting in Antioch.
News report has it that, Travis armed with n assault rifle bashed into the restaurant firing shots which killed four people in total.

Brave heart James Shaw Jr after much observation of the the shooter and when the shooting has ceased, dived him to disarm him. James sustained an arm injury as he wrestled with Travis. He  in succeeded in moving the gun under the counter sending Travis on the run.

During a press conference, James says he wasn't a hero, and that is what you'll be expecting from a true here- according to Reddit.

See reactions to the James's statement on Reddit in gallery above.


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