Update on the Slay-queen used by Yahoo boys for ritual

You can recall the story of a lady who went after "Guys with flashy cars" and ended up dead. 

There has been an update on that story revealing more photos of the victim. Rofiat was a muslim schooling at the University of Osun state. She was kidnapped by some random guys and that was the last anybody heard for from her.

A facebook user who happens to be a student in the same institution wrote a post a facebook and it reads below.


If am not mistaken just few weeks ago I posted my opinion concerning the alarming rate at which #Ritualists Claiming yahoo boys are desperate in sending human being to early grave most especially the #Ladies just to renew their #Yearly or Quarterly money ritual.

Sequel to this we lost our dear friend, colleague and sister in Islam #Rofiat of Uniosun early last year to to the hand of a kidnapper and also a guy #Timileyin of Uniosun respectively which we take solace in God to give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Abosede Classic white (whose photograph was uploaded) was a slay Queen par excellence which you can always have your way in her only if you are one of the hottest yahoo boy, unknowingly pay the price of gifts, money and luxuries she has been enjoying from a yahoo guy with her life who lured her with Huge Amount of money to come over but unfortunately she was used for money ritual by the guy. I won't wish her r.i.p coz her spirit will be busy bringing money for this guy. But may God gv your parent the fortitude to bear this loss you've caused.

Last week, I, my wife and son went to a very popular restaurant in Osogbo around 8pm, we met some yahoo guys & some Ladies that came to eat, we sat behind them, after they ate finish and left we discover they forgot a poly bag and we call the attention of the attendant to it, it will interest you to know what is inside poly bag, alas it was a black soap, white handkerchief, 5by7 photograph, strands of hair that seems to be of private part of the person in the picture 15 mins latter the guy came back to the place in his luxurious car to retrieve his poly bag accompanied with an innocent Lady who might beth next victim to be use.

See there is no free meal any where, there is price for everything, if you don't use your life to make money another person will use it, a 23yr old small boy without no particular business will be riding G.wagon, 4matic Benz, Venza, Cross Tour, Range rover Sport etc each ranging from 10 million and above, kii Se ojul asan.

To the ladies, you may have been hunting in the bush, but the bush now contains what hunt the hunters. Cheque transfer, Itunes account, Wire Wire, Picker and more is what they tell you dey do for a living, dis is new year, as you have a plan to to update your wardrobe, phone, and the likes , they too want to update their money.

What baffle me most is that most this girls have born either two or one but will never endure with their hustling husband just bcause he can't afford Brazilian Hair, Lace Wig, Gucci Product and more.

On a final note pls repent, try love and date a normal hardworking guy who is into real legit work in whom you will have a peace of mind, I know some people will still not hear.



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