"I WANT MY MONEY!" - Sex worker drags customer

"I WANT MY MONEY!" - Sex worker drags her customer

Mini drama as a sex hooker drags a man in public over unpaid dedt after service rendering.

An unidetified young man was almost stripped by a commercial sex worker who said the fromer had no paid for the service she rendered. The young man said he has made the payment through EcoCash but the hooker said she has not received the pay.

Speaking to H-metro, the young man said he has cleared his debt and he is innocent of the sex worker's accusations. He promised to bring the sex worker to H-metro but he never showed up.

“She gave me a number to send the US$20 payment and I sent the money,”
“I sent that money in the morning but she had gone out and I left. However, I had doubts about the number so I pretended as if I wanted to send money to it via EcoCash so that I verify the owner of the number.
“I then discovered it was a man’s name appearing and I thought I had sent to the wrong number.
“I called Econet and asked them to send me back the money but they refused saying the receiver had to agree first so they set up a conference call with him. Unfortunately the conference call did not last long after his phone switched off during the call.
“The EcoCash guys then froze his number pending a natural settlement to the matter as he had only used 50 cents of the US$20 I had sent him.
“I then went back to the club the following day and that is when they started harassing me saying I had not paid. Would I go back to the same club where she would see me if I had not paid her or stolen her money?”
- He said
Sex worker drags her customer

The young man pleaded with H-Metro not to publish the story as the money would eventually get to the sex worker since he had recently called to cancel the report he made to Econet.

He promised to come back with the sex worker to prove his innocence and that they were in good books but he never did.

Sex worker drags her customer


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