Backstabbing Facebook slay queen exposed by her "role model"


Slay queen is actually a thing in the social media. Most girls post pictures of their lavish lifestyle on Facebook and other girls want to be like them.
This is a case of a slay queen identified as Faith Uzochukwu on Facebook, who jumped into the WhatsApp inbox of a fellow slay queen, Teddy Skitt, asking to be a friend, pretending to be a huge fan and wants to be like.

Teddy who sensed some foul play was reserved and didn't let Faith through. On the contrary, Faith is backstabbing Teddy in a chat she was having with Faith's friend, Chioma.

Teddy made public by screenshots the WhatsApp conversation Faith had with her and Chioma on a Facebook post. She penned.

This girl called faith collected my number from my friend,since then she's beeen wanting to be friends with me but due to the fact that m not good at making new friends I never gave her the chance,aside that my conscience never accepted her.these re two different chats,the one we chatted n also the one she sent to my what's she tryna prove?why the hate ?its just social media,don't take it too serious!!!for the fact that m always smiling does not mean my life is perfect 👌 you might even be doing well than the person you re envying.pls stop the hate,karma is real n I believe that karma will eventually bitch slap 👋 you👍pls beware of her Faith Uzochukwu she's an evil child!!!

Below is the chat screenshot. The chat with a photo background is Faith and Teddy's conversation, while the chat with a plane background is Faith and Chioma's conversation.


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