Young Man Runs Mad After Sleeping On A Graveyard For 10 Nights


A Zambian boy has gone completely made after he went to a challenge with his area chief that he could spend 10 cold nights sleeping in a graveyard.

The young man named James Chileshe aka Jumbo boy reportedly challenged Chief Mukkuni three weeks ago after the chief announced that he did not fear prison as he had slept for 7 days in a graveyard.

Due to poverty and seeking for cheap fame, Jumbo boy opted to beat the chief's record  by promising to spend 10 days in a graveyard.
The chief accepted his challenge, and off the daring village boy went to lie flat on top of a grave.
However, hell broke loose on day four of the challenge when Jumbo boy suddenly broke into prolonged raucous laughter, stripped himself totally naked in broad daylight, and started dancing, singing and running helter–skelter.
One of his concerned uncles, Michael Chileshe said:
“James managed to spend only four days at the graveyard out of the 10 he had promised chief, then started singing and dancing. He claimed that he could hear sweet melodies.
Mr Chileshe further explained that after singing and dancing to himself, his nephew removed all his clothes and started running in broad day light and has never been seen for 6 days now."
His family has reportedly alerted the police, to launch investigation into the strange incident.
Chief Mukkuni is, however, yet to publicly comment on the matter

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