Unbelievable!!! Street Jogging Banned In Sierra Leone For Lame Reasons

Police in Sierra Leone have banned group jogging in the street on the grounds that it encourages disruptive behavior.  

A statement released reads, “Police headquarters has observed with dismay that people are in the habit of jogging in large numbers along the streets with a hint of menace, raining insults, obstructing traffic, pounding on vehicles, playing loud music, and snatching property from other members of the public”. 

The statement dated July 27, said an immediate ban on such activities was being enforced “in line with the constitutional consideration for public order and safety”.  
The police letter said “individuals desiring to jog for health reasons” were “at liberty to do so, but at recreational facilities or at the beach”.

How discouraging can it get in Africa, if you can ban street jogging, why not ban walking on the streets. Besides someone that wants to carry out any crime will not need to be in a rush.
Sierra Leone police have no good reason for banning street jogging. if this is their best of reasons then something is wrong with the whole Sierra Leone law enforcement.

And if sierra Leone fail to protest against this move, then the whole country is in a mess. Come on street jogging is what should be encouraged by the Government in terms of Sports and up keep. But see, it is being banned in a coutry like Sierra Leone that have barley made their way up any competition world-wide.

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