Reno Omokri Goes Shirtless, But His Armpit Hairs Is The Problem - Click To See

''I just finished working out at the gym and what I love about what God has done for me is that He made me a VP of a US political consulting firm at 33, spokesman to a President at 37, a bestselling author at 43 and today at 43 I am still happily married to my sweetheart for 14 years (on our next anniversary) and I still have a flat stomach and a sharp mind. Haters, please feast on that!
As shared by Reno omokri, former spokesperson to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan
Imagine he want topless, how weird can it be. I don't care if he does topless or shirtless but the Hairs in his armpit is just unavoidable.
Is keeping your body tidy now expensive?. please has dollar rate affected shaving stick price. The comment space below is for fainting purpose cause this one weak me.

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