LOL!!! Nigerian Lady Writes Open Letter To Unborn Son Whom She Wants To be Better Than Neymar


A Nigerian lady who wants to give birth to a footballer better than Neymar has taken to Facebook to write a open letter to her unborn son, she described how she will train him to be better than Neymar.

Neymar is currently in the news after his $263M move from Barcelona to PSG according to is the most expensive in history as the player will reportedly earn about 30 million daily!

Here’s what she wrote;

To my unborn son

On my wedding night, in trying 2 conceive you, I will be screaming football commentaries while making love 2 your father.

i will shout "ISSA GOAL!!" at the point of climax so u will know the importance of achieving goals in life & also joy that come wit it. My dear boy, i will decide ur destiny when u start kicking because that can only mean you want 2 pass, dribble or score.

The toys i will get u are; footballs, soccer boots, shinpads, legos that form a football pitch and Neymar motivational videos. Your baby cloths will be jerseys; Man U Jerseys, Barca jerseys, Real Madrid Jerseys, Arsenal jer...GOD FORBID!!! and PSG Jerseys.

For u my dear srtiker, i will tatto a football pitch across my breats, so while sucking u will see why i wnat u to be so strong in life. Pls and pls dont gimme "mumi" "dada" "boo boo" "goo goo ga ga". Your first words ust be "ball", "shot", "score",...please!

While growing, haters will tyr to tell u that education is key. Issa lie! Education is not d key 2 unlocking prmeier league defenses. They will try 2 tell u that 1+1 is 2. Issa scam 1+1 = 11 players.
45+45 = 1 football match

Don't say "15 mins, say "halftime" My unborn son, i know u will b a gr8 striker. If Neymar can take almost £600k/wk, u can do beta

Thanx 4 being an obedient son in advance

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