Hmm!!! Lady Caught on Camera Having Oral-Sex With An Old Horny Man in a Park in Moscow

An elderly man was caught live on camera receiving oral sex from a woman in the middle of a open park. 

The video footage, believed to have been taken in Gorky Park in Moscow, shows the grandpa and a woman getting deeply intimate with each other before a passerby interrupts them. The footage shows the older man standing over close to the woman who was sitting on the ground with her legs stretching outwards. 

When the passerby, who was doing the videoing , saw them, he went close to them talking in a foreign language, and it seemed like he was shouting on them.  As he got closer to the pair with the camera in their faces, the old man turned around and appeared to clutch at his crotch. 

The cameraman moved in close to capture the faces of the pair. As he brought the camera close to the woman, she folded her arms and tried to cover her face but she later gave up and looked at the camera. The grandpa refused to be filmed and kept trying to hide his face, but the cameraman followed him out of the park while talking. The old man looked really mortified at having been caught.

Watch the video below.  shame shame shame...

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