55 Year Old Man Charges His Device By Tapping Into Street Light

“After 27 years of being homeless, the city is my den, my living room, my bathroom, my everything" these are the words of Guy Ritchie a 55 years old homeless man in New York.
Ritchie says he's learnt to spot a pole with an outlet installed in its base, and he’s found about a dozen of them on his daily route around Manhatta with which he powers his devices.

He also claimed he was not breaking any rule by siphoning off the city’s power, 'I don’t open the things. I do realize that legality. It’s one thing for it to be open and I use it. But if I open it up? That’s breaking and entering'.
With his portable digital TV set propped against a light pole, Ritchie says his favorite shows include old classics such as “Dragnet,” “Laugh-In” and “The Burns and Allen Show,” adding, “What can I say? I’m a Cold War kid.”

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