19-Year-Old Zookeeper Devoured By 2-Year-Old Brown Bear


A 19-year-old zookeeper has been devoured to death by a bear at a wildlife park in central Sweden. The animal, reportedly a two-year-old brown bear, was immediately shot dead after the attack at the Orsa Rovdjurspark.

As if it was a planned murder, the bear was said to have already dug its way back into its enclosure, which the zookeeper was cleaning. The park has closed for the rest of the day.
Orsa Rovdjurspark says it is Europe's "largest predator park", with a variety of bears, leopards and tigers.

The park's head, Sven Brunberg, said: "It started out as a normal day, a family had booked the activity and normal routines were followed. I'll leave it to the police to work out what went wrong."
The zookeeper, who has not been named, was cleaning the enclosure ahead of a special activity, where guests get to go inside the enclosure with a zookeeper,

It was supposed to be empty but the bear appeared to have tunnelled its way back in.
Emergency services were called to the park, in the central county of Dalarna, at about 10:30 local time (08:30 GMT) and treated the man at the scene but he died later of his injuries.

Officers are investigating whether proper safety procedures were followed.The park insisted no guests were at risk.

The young zookeeper just dies at 19. Life is so short.

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