Woman Stripped Unclad After Caught By Wife Cheating With Husband

Cheating Woman Dragged On Naked Walk Of Shame By Her Lover’s Furious Wife.
Imagine coming home to find your partner in bed with someone else. 

What would you do? Some women cry, run, pretend that they didn't see it, scream, and flat out threaten to murder him. If you need another suggestion then try doing what this woman in Cubatao, Brazil did after she caught her husband in bed with another woman. She took the high road. She publicly shamed the young woman by parading her naked body down the local streets while onlookers whistled and filmed the whole scene.

After seeing her husband having sex with another woman, she went in for the attack.

Unnamed woman, the one holding the other girl in a headlock, catches her husband with a twenty year old in Brazil.

The scorned wife grabs the girl by the hair and introduces her to a new hair cutting tool, a razor. She savagely cuts her hair to make her look ugly.

The woman then proceeds to grab the girl by her mangled hair and rips her clothes of leaving the twenty year old naked.

The cheating husband stays behind while his wife drags the young girl into the streets of Cubatao, Brazil. The woman´s teenage sons follow and publicly shame the young girl.

Photos of the incident surfaced on social media. People were outraged about how she handled the situation. She responded with, "I don't care!"

She paraded the naked girl and screamed "I'll show you how to deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this (slur word) with my husband, ex-husband as of today."

After the wife has her fix, she leaves the girl naked and abandoned on the street. Her husband picks up the young girl and takes her back home.
Police are trying to figure out who the naked girl was from the pictures on social media. A few hours later the young girl shows up to the police station to press charges.

The scorned wife is looking at up to ten years if found guilty for her crimes. She is being charged with suspicion of injury, injury, bodily threat, crime of intolerance, violence against women, and torture.

According to the police in Cubatao, Brazil, the wife is still being questioned. I also think that in her heart, she doesn't care. She stood up for her pride. The young girl is still traumatized.

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