There is Recession Yet The Queue at The ATM Machines in FPNO is Killing


I still don't get it, Nigerians or students in particular are crying out "There is no money" but just get to the ATM machine in FPNO anytime of the day even at night, you will be so down casted by the long awaiting student who have come to withdrawal the mysterious money they have in their bank account.

Okay, today i had to follow my friend to the ATM - it was not my own money oo. On sighting the queue at the ATM i lost hope. 
Let me digress, FPNO currently has only Access bank operating in school. Formerly Fidelity bank was in existence in school but Fidelity bank was shutdown for reasons unknown but rumors has it that the bank was charged for over-charging students and the school management was alerted. Another rumor has it that the bank was in huge debt of about N6million, the could not pay up so they folded. Their ATM stands sealed and students have to rely on Access bank's ATMs.

About the queues at the ATM, i got to the ATM, my friend got into the line. What really prompted this write up was not just the ATM queue, but the length of the queue and what causes it.
My friend who lined up, was 12th on the queue which was the shortest, and there was this Girl who was playing Candy crush with the ATM. She was feeling too proud to ask for help, she kep on cancelling and re-inserting her atm card. She was saved by an already vexed guy who gave her step-by-step tutorial about ATM usage. Girls please if you can't use the ATM, get ATM 101 tutorial by the bank staff first.

Not forgetting the banks. Access bank now supports the entire 10,00 plus student, fidelity bank has folded. So the management deemed it worthy to frustrate students with the slow bank building renovation. 
They commenced the bank renovation immediately after first semester break of 2 Months started. So dear 1960post reader , tell me how long it will take a bank with so much responsibility add more ATM machines and finish painting up the bank?

Like that is not enough, there is this ATM machine set apart for only Access bank customers. Come with another bank's atm card and have your ATM card seized. How dumb can it get.
Also, access bank branch in Nekede will not like me to tell you about one of their faulty ATM that declines access bank ATM cards. The machine goes blank when access bank card is being inserted.

But i have a bypass for that, this was made known to me by my curious friend.
If you unknowingly get to that ATM machine that turns blank for access bank cards, after you must have inserted you card and the ATM goes blank. Just press cancel, and then hit yes, if asked if you want to perform another transaction. This will now take you straight to where you input your card pin. i would love to share the fix to the glitch, but that will come after Access bank come asking for it.
So, in conclusion, the long queues at the ATM machine is not a crime, there is no money but still expect that long queue at the ATM stands. If you do not know how to use the ATM, ask for help, to quicken things up. Banks should try as much as possible to up their services.

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