Police Road Block Kills A Man, His Girlfriend And Two Others


More than 4 people have died in Obosi, Anambra state as a result of the roadblock mounted by police at a dangerous turn on the road.

Before i continue, one can tell that the Nigerian police still have some untrained personnel or the are trained but turned off their senses. Continue below.

How it Happened
According to Mazi Nnadozie Uzochuqu who shared photos of the incident, the fatal accident occurred on Sunday evening along Obosi, opposite slaughter room.
The roadblock had been mounted at a dangerous sharp corner and a man riding with his girlfriend got to the roadblock, unaware another motorcycle was coming in the opposite direction. Both bikes collided, causing both persons on the second bike and also the boyfriend to die on the spot. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she died some minutes later. Residents of the community took to the police station to express their grievance but the policemen stayed hidden to avoid the wrath of the angry villagers.

Below is how Mazi Nnadozie Uzochuqu reported the incident on facebook.

"When they say Nigerian police is your friend think twice. I saw this on my way to shop and stop by to know what's going on.. When I asked a guy beside me he said...
"This accident happen yesterday evening alone obosi opposite slaughter room when a group of police men at obosi police station mounted their usual roadblocks at a dangerous sharp corner , unknown for this lady and her boyfriend whom her boyfriend was riding on a bike saw the road block with another kymco motorcycle coming towards them collide the boyfriend and two other persons died at a spot, this lady was taken to a nearby hospital about 20min she died , after the accident those police men run inside their station and nothing has been done. Since today I have never been myself because of the deep hole I saw on her forehead. #We_demand_justice"

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