Nigerian Guy Shares Story Of How A Girl He Invited Over Turned out To Be A Man


A guy identified as Okosuma Isaac shared a story of a girl whom he invited to make out turned to be a guy.

According to Isaac, he invited the girl over after their chat on facebook.
in his house, bedroom to be precise. The girl gave him series of blow job bu refused to have sex. Isaac tried reaching out to her private, but the girl refused and continued the job. Being suspicious of the whole scenario, Isaac got annoyed and forcefully stripped the girl.
As he did strip her, it turned out that the girl was a man in female make-up and dressing.

Isaac beat him blue black purple, but the pretending man tried to escape naked before Isaac could reach for the police. The guy doing the girl thinks is said to live at  oghara Efe in Delta State.
I swear this one tire me..goodnight
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