Five Children Killed After They Ate A Cucumber From A Their Great Grandmother

A sad strange thing happened in Obanliku in Cross River State yesterday. Five children who are grandchildren of Mrs Dorothy Agbor died when they ate a cucumber given to them by their great grandmother.
Their great grandmother reportedly died on hearing the news that her grandchildren had died.At the moment 4 of the corpse have been taken to old ikwette for burial. As shared by Facebook user, Paul Baji, on his page, 

"JOY OVERWHEM BY TRAGEDY. Sadness has taken over the land of Amana, and indeed the entire Becheve ward in Obanliku HAVe of Cross River State of Nigeria, as 6 grand children of one Mrs Dorthy Agbor from old ikwette village a.k.a Bottom hill residing in Amana have died after eating cocumber. Sources reveal that the children ate the fruit in absence of their grand mother, but under the supervision of their great grandmother as their grandma had attended the burial of one Mr. Emma Kechie. 

On her return the next morning, she discovered that 5 of her grand children were unconscious, she then raised alarm for help. This attracted the attention of friends, neighbors, and colleagues who came to her assistance by rushing the victims to nearby clinics. Few minutes after one female child gave up the ghost. Two hours later, 2 boys followed. As if that was not enough, 4 hours later another female child died. As I speak with you now one of the victims who was undergoing treatment in the hospital has just died. On hearing the death of these children, their great grandmother under whose supervision the children ate the fruit collapsed and died few minutes after, bringing the total number of corpse to 6 from the same house. WHAT A TRAGEDY?. At the moment 4 of the corpse 
have been taken to old ikwette for burial. This is because the host community ( AMANA ) has objected to the idea of buring them in their land, as it is tragedy. They also say is to avoid future occurance as this kind of thing has never happened in their land before. The question one may be tempted to ask is, who must have destroyed the lives of these future leaders?. Man may not come by the answer anyway, but GOD alone. We pray that the souls of these innocent children rest in peace...... Amen"



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