Biafra Leader Nnamdi Kanu Visits Shrine To Pray


The Leader of IPOB Known a Nnamdi Kanu visited ancestral shrine at Umueri to pray. According to sources,he went seek the face of the Biafra forefathers in preparation for the journey towards actualization of biafra.

My Verdict

Okay this is strange and spooky, i must say..
How will things work out fine when the leader of the so called Biafra has gone to seek advices from the previous leader of forefather who failed during their time. Let me make it clear, Biafra if actualized will be in the same state as Nigeria. I won't be surprised if constituent that make up the Biafra seek for their own secession also.

Seeking or praying to ancestors is not Christianity at all, if Christians support the Biafra move, i suggest they back out. Where a leader goes the follows do. Or else you want a country where fetish worship is 100% and Christianity is a crime. And such country will be thrown into anarchy in no time. Looking at the way the Biafra agitators are taking the whole thing too extreme. How many lives have been lost. Something to think about, Nnamdi Kanu has a family right?....How many of his sons have come out to agitate on the streets and lose their live.
You will stay at home jobless then someone will promise you of a better world if only you go on the streets and riot, then on the long run you lose your life. Who lost?


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