Amazing Things Empty Toilet Rolls Can Do For You

Stop what you’re doing! Put down that empty toilet roll and step away from the bin. You need to stop throwing away your toilet roll immediately and put them to one side. You’re missing out on some really creative hacks.

Toilet rolls are a household essential. But have you ever thought of them as more than a household item? No, I didn’t think so.

We should all make more of an effort to do our bit to save the world and recycle. But not everything has one use.Toilet rolls are the perfect example of this.
They’re not just meant for keeping your toilet paper in a neat and perfect role. They’re for so much more!
They transform a boring mirror into something fantastical and simply breathtaking. They can also offer a handy place to put your pens, or even provide a handy way of feeding birds.
Seriously, there’s a lot of things toilet rolls can do! So hold off putting them in the bin for now.

Go and grab a couple toilet rolls, make sure any toilet paper left on them are gone and have a look at these amazing hacks!

What are you waiting for?!
There are many practical uses for toilet rolls, and some of them might make your life easier. Here are some toilet roll hacks that will simply amaze you.

Decorative Mirror
Add some beautiful decoration to your wall with this stylish and girly toilet roll mirror. You can make this by simply shaping toilet roll to the edge of your mirror. For the full step by step instructions click here.

Let’s be honest, we’d all love something like this hanging on our walls!

Toy Garage

To store your children’s toy cars effectively, you will need a large box. Then simply glue your tubes into a row, and carry on doing this until the box is full. You can paint the tubes or leave them as they are, that is up to you. Once the glue is dry you’ll have a handy toy car garage for your children.

It’s a perfectly crafty way of keeping your child’s toy cars in order and all in one place.

Green Fingers

This next hack is perfect for people with green fingers and a creative flare for growing plants. Take an old toilet roll and turn it into a seed starter. It’s perfect for planting because over time the cardboard will decompose into the soil.
Create something beautiful with these handy seed starters. You’re garden will look beautiful in no time at all!

Pen Pot
This hack will save you quite a bit of money if you need a place to store your stationary. This pen holder is so easy to create. All you have to do is spray paint numerous toilet paper rolls a solid color. Then attach each roll to a piece of cardboard.


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