Strange Facts About North Korea That You Do Not Know


Recently i coupled down a picture article on the  horrible nature of the North korean government, how democracy is a myth in North korea so on and so forth.
Now more has surfaced about the country that is isolated from the rest of the world. North korea uses a different calendar that depends on Kim Il-Sung’s birth year, 1912. Jeans are banned. Government in korea is not close to making things easy north koreans

1.  The year in North Korea is 106, not 2017, which the rest of the world is in. The North Korean calendar is based on Kim Il-Sung’s birth year, 1912.
Kim Il-sung.

The North Korean calendar is named after the Juche ideology and is called the “Juche Calendar.” The name borrows elements from the Korean era calendar and the Gregorian era calendar, it is unique as it begins with the birth of the Kim Il-sung. Therefore, the birth year of this North Korean leader, 1912, is referred to as “Juche Year 1” in North Korea. There are no Juche years before this year, and the years before 1912 are referred to as the years in the Christian calendar.

2. The drug Methedrine also known as Methamphetamine is a strong central nervous system stimulant that is mainly used as a recreational drug and less commonly as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity. Wikipedia). 
It is so common in North Korea that suited elites in Pyongyang restaurants offer each other a “nose” after dinner. 

After the famine of the 1990s in North Korea, several drugs found their way into North Korean labs. However, one of them skyrocketed in popularity so much that they were served in restaurants. This drug was methamphetamine or crystal meth. Its domestic use increased heavily. Elites took it as something exciting to do after dinner. The middle classes took it as a cure for back pain and colds, and the poor took it to make them forget their empty stomachs. Moreover, exchanging drugs to see whose is more potent is a common practice. In fact, it is as common as exchanging cigarettes in the West.

3. Only four television channels in the isolated North korea  and they are namely:
Korean Central Television, 
Mansudae Television, 
Ryongnamsan Television, 
and Sports Television.
These four channels are not privately owned as they are controlled by the government.
4. Jeans have been banned in North Korea for years because they are considered a symbol of U.S. imperial invasion.
There have been many restrictions on clothing that a citizen may wear including hairstyles, length of skirts, and piercings, but blue jeans are the newest addition to these restrictions. Moreover, North Koreans are encouraged to wear traditional North Korean clothes. Kim Jong-un believes that Western culture has penetrated North Korea widely, and this crackdown will continue until Western influence is driven from North Korea.

5. Poverty in North Korea is more like normal as the economy is worse than that of Nigeria. 
Due to the high rate of poverty in NK, the poor are at times forced to eat grass to survive.


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