School Tries To Hide The Case Of A 5-year-old Girl That Was Raped

A girl in kindergarten class in school at Awka was raped.Then owners of the school tried to sweep the shameful act under the carpet by giving a sum of money to the family of the girl. But DPA averted it and made it public.
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photo of victim and father

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DPA has just stopped an attempt to bury the case of the rape of a 5-year old girl in kindergarten in Awka, Anambra State.

Yesterday, DPA got involved in the investigation of a rape case involving a 5-year old girl. We got the wind that the father of the girl was offered 100k by the owners of the kindergarten where the incident occurred in order for him to bury the case. I warned the man not to accept the money, but to work with DPA to ensure the arrest of the rapist.

At the same time, DPA dispatched a team of investigators to the crime scene. Our investigators swooped in on them as they were exchanging money to cover up the case. They even wrote up an agreement to close the case . DPA operatives took pictures of their illegal agreement and pictures of them exchanging money.

We shall now be seeking the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in this macabre deal. We have the picture of the girl and her father and the owner of the kindergarten handing over money to him.

DPA is going to crack down on all those who harm innocent children in this country. The rape of a 5- year old and the use of money to cover it up are crimes we must fight against. I will be heading from Abuja straight to Anambra State where I intend to meet with the Governor over this case.

it was revealed that the suspect's mother, Mrs Onwuzulike  also had a hand in trying to cover the case up She allegedly wants to close the case by offering N100, 000 to the victim's parents.
The young gilr favour Ilo is a 5-year-old girl in kindergarten and daughter of a carpenter and akara seller was raped in school by the Headmistress' grown son in Awka, Anambra State on Monday, June 5th.


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