Parents Of Kidnapped Students Of A Model In Lagos Stage Protest At Government House

Parents and relatives of the 6 male students of the Igbonla Model School which was kidnapped,  this morning staged a protest at the Lagos state government house in Ikeja.
Weeping mothers of the students called on the state government to strengthen efforts towards the rescue of their wards. 
The six male students namely Pelumi Philips, Farouq Yusuf, Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi and Peter Jonah, that were abducted on Thursday May 25th. One of the weeping mothers, Mrs Toyin Philips, said
"I want my son back. I sent my son to the school because there was no money. If I had the money they are demanding for, would I have sent my son to that school? We are the one negotiating with the kidnappers.
Another mother, Mrs Agbaosi whose son, Judah, was also kidnapped, said
 "The kidnappers said they wanted N100 million. Government, please, don’t let our children die. Let their release be done today,”

Spokesperson of the parents, Dapo Adesga, accused the police of not speaking to them on efforts being taken towards the rescue of their children that have been in the kidnappers den for 14 days now. 
“If you don’t communicate with us, how do we know that government cares for our plight. If we had not come here today, we won’t have heard anything from the government,” he told government officials who were sent to address them. Nobody from the government has come to us since the incident occurred two weeks ago, we did not come here with placards because we want government to help us. Please, government should help us. We have been trying to negotiate with them but they rejected our offer because it is too small. They said we cannot speak with our children again as four of them are ill. We want government to help us, we are trusting in you. Our kids are not allowed to talk to us again, I took my child to a government, so the government should help us,” he said
The kidnappers have also rejected the N6 million offered by the parents and are demanding a N100 million ransom.
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