One Hour Traffic Halt In Umuoba, Ogborhill Aba

Today, sunday 25th of July was a very horrible day for every Motorist on Umuoba road, ogborhill, Aba.
The ogborhill area is known for this disgusting stench that comes from the unchecked bullshit/cow dung droplets on the road by reared cows.
The traffic was brought to halt for up to an hour due to the uncivilized nature of cattle rearing in Aba. Two flock of cattle going in opposite direction caused the interrupt.
Passengers were frustrated as well as drivers that had their fuel burning out. It took up to a hour to get the flock out of the road.
The flocks, slim and unkept strolled on the road as they dropped their dung on the road creating an irritating scene. The enforcement agency could not help the situation and that keeps me wondering.
Another issues to raise about the Ogbo-hill region is the incessant burning of material that pollute the area heavily. The government is aware of this but will pay no attention to the uncivilized actions been done at the mentioned location.


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