Nigerian Gay Teacher Who Sought Advice On How To Lure A 14-year-old Says He is Not Gay

Recall 1960post informed you of a gay teacher in nigeria who sought for advice on how to lure a 14 year old boy to sex, but was afraid he will be caught.

The teacher identified as Ekemezie Otuodichimma Stephen took to his facebook to debunk the news about him being gay. he posted, and i quote
'What is wrong with you guys, Am not gay for crying out loud or is it because I suggested the need of freedom of asexuality. All you guys calling me gay have you seen me with anyone. Because the last time I checked I haven't mingle with any.'
As soon as he made the post on facebook, the Internet fell on him. People said he was gonna be jailed while some said Gays are not bad.
See reactions and comments on his post on facebook . 



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