Married Woman Severe The Arm Of A Lady Who Slept With Her Husband

A married woman cut the arm of a young lady who allegedly slept with her Husband.
According to a post made by a facebook user
He posted
For those of you dating married men, some wives no dey smileoo and better pray not to end up like this...As for me i seriously think this is too muchoo, if you end up killing her, you will go to jailoooo..According to Queensly Obi AbangStill can't believe it happened in ISO Bendeghe,my very own community hmmmmmm all bcus of a man, for those who love sleeping with people's husband be warn, hahaha women are not smiling again, If u no get husband get urself a boyfriend even if it means paying the bills,but pleaseoooo Na the girl deserves this or na the Man? Bcus the Man is the dog here.... Ooooh poor girl pkeple....Jovia Mum


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