Man Killed By Cultist In Calabar After He Dropped His Baby

A lady Odama Groovydee Abednigo posted on facebook a photo of a guy that was killed by cultist in calabar after the deceased dropped his baby daughter in school.

Read the post she made
What have you gained???Yesterday morning you dropped off your baby at school as if you meant it now what is her fate????You have succeeded in stigmatizing/traumatising her, now what future have you given her??? Kai guy you noh try.Even in your death you should cry. Cry to the heavens because you wasted, not just yourself but a generation.May we all repent of our sins so we can, again live. May GOD ALMIGHTY save us all. AMEN.

How did he die?
That young man you see lying down there in his own pool of blood, was shot yesterday by men suspected to be rival cult group. They came inside one keke napep.... Shot him, and disappear into thin air. Who else would have done this to him ?I'm reading some comments here, and truth be told, I know exactly where you're coming from. Truth is bitter, but must be told

according to comment made by the same lady.

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