15+ Reasons Not To Believe Any Photo You See Online

Photography is quite a good Job. The outcome after a photography scenario is quite astonishing. Everybody loves to see the product but only little cares to know what happened at the background, during the photography art work. Photo shop is a great tool to achieving a nice photo.
You will believe me when i say photography is a science not just a simple art for the layman. 

I coupled down photos of after and before of a photography section, exposing the reality of photography. The product of the shoots are so amazing that you will not believe how it was made.

Couples after a wedding. The beautiful colorful product is really different from the making.

Created a scenario where a car drifted in beach all like he has become a creator

I shook to amazement that those cars were toys,

Good meal tho and the dark background will triple your appetite

How they snapped the photo has been revealed. i do not need to say much.

Liitle girl in the woods and s guy had smoke coming from side.

The basket reflection on her face added to the beauty

Lovely couples in a beach. You can tell the difference, one has a good photoshopped color, while the other is reality

Standing in the snow created by blowing flakes artificially.

Quite risky but he meant it for a good photo,
She is in a room and the same time in a house deep in a blue sea.

Huge ice berg against a small boat, all created in a spot.

From a private bedroom photo scene to a public passage. How thoughtful. 
Magnificent how the background was changed to the mystic theme. Her body aspect was tweaked.

Cute grandma, what more can i say. I never thought a flower would be held to beautify the photo.

He risked spoiling his camera just to get that awesome product. Creativity knows no bound,

Falling boy that was actually held by friends. Thanks to photoshop.

Dirty hands, good outcome, thats all i have to say

All amazing, especially how the editing changed the idea in toto.

So you thought it was risky right, but Nahh.

Who would not like a breakfast on the right?

Windows glass after all. In order to get the glassy thing. 
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