Firefighter Put In Prison For Starting Fire In Five Forests -His Reason Will Shock

A 19-year-old firefighter in Portugal was put in preventive prison on Friday  for allegedly starting fires in five forests, north of the country, Portugal’s judicial police said on Friday.

The fires took place in Coimbra, some 200 km north of Lisbon, between April 4 and May 25, and burned around 20,000 square meters.

According to the authorities, the fire did not go as far affecting more land, thanks to a prompt response by local firefighters.

The suspect used a lighter to start the fire. He wanted to take part in combating it, according to a statement by judicial police.

A fire fighter starting fire and at the same time wants to stop the fire. #strange. Maybe he has not been of any help, so he wants to in a crook way.

According to EU’s Forest Fire Information System, wildfires in Portugal have burned more than half the land lost due to fires in the whole of the EU.


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