Dammy Krane Caught Booking A Flight Using A Stolen Credit Card Numbers

One time popular Nigerian musician Dammy Krane was caught booking a flight using a stolen credit card. who knows this might be how this musicians that do not actually make good music get all their fundings. Example: the musician in contest. The company which caught him in the act has promised to prosecute him to the fullest.

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Yesterday booked flight using stolen credit card numbers. Our policy is to prosecute to the fullest extent

 how interesting.

To spice the whole thing up. Nigerian popular blogger Linda ikeji has taken the whole thign personal. She wrote an article titled
{ "Living a fake life for instagram...the case of Dammy Krane (photos & video" }.
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If you go through the embattled singer's IG page, the last 12 photos he posted shows him living the life...that he apparently can't afford. There are so many private jet photos and before he was arrested for identity and credit card fraud, (which he allegedly used to pay for the private jets) you can see some of his followers hailing him and envying the fake luxury lifestyle he was projecting, with no one asking how he can afford it. Do you guys know how much it is to hire a private jet?

But the important question is; why is there so much pressure on young people, a lot of them entertainers, to project a lifestyle that is not their real situation? Where is the pressure coming from? When you live your life for instagram likes, followers and comments, then you're empty. And many feel the best way to get those followers and likes is to show a fake life, get people fascinated...just so they can say 'My life is badder than yours' when in real life, it's actually the same, or more pathetic. 
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Dammy krane will face the laws and nobody will sweep this one under the carpet.

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