Beautiful!!! Range Rover Made Out Of Wood In Kenya

You think the classy things are made out of the most expensive materials? If you thought so, you are wrong on this.
See the Range rover constructed in Kenya. it is not just the regular range rover you know, this one is made of wood mostly, except the engines tho.
Metallic chassis at the at some points, but aside metals. The range rover is constructed out of strong mahogany wood.

Looking at the inside, it also has a wooden steering, and the old classic dashboard, in front. Center is the gear shift also made wooden.
Speedometers and fuel meters all are in place.
You will not be needing any footmats as the flooring is designed of wood in full exquisite.
Speed is not much, but at least it can be a moving sitting room for pleasure.
Who owns it?
A resident living in Malindi, kenya


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