The Battle Between Hushpuppi ,Phyno, Iceprince, Kcee

No about the Internet battle between Hushpuppi and some Nigerian respectable musician, i picked out some spoils from the battle ground. but first let me tell you how the war between hushpuppi, Kcee, Phyno and iceprince all started.

Lousy and notice seeking hushpuppi who is so loud about his mysterious wealth shades Phyno and Iceprince about the fake watches they wear.
The aforementioned musicians came up to give him a befitting reply to him. Sorry i won't be going full into what they actually said but i picked out some interesting lines.

I totally support Kcee when he asked hushpuppi "How did you make your money"
Nigerian musician Kcee said

'We want to know your source of income since you now have the nerves to come on social media and call out a brand. Who is your father, are you a taxable Nigerian.' Read his piece after the cut.. Dear Hushpuppi, We are musicians not paupers. Who exactly do you think you are to open your mouth and insult a musician that sweats day and night in the studio? You have no credibility, no known source of income and yet you come on social media to attack hard working Nigerian musicians with traceable wealth. Let's face it, I think we've had enough of this nonsense and disrespect from you. Really, What do you do for a living, what is your talent, how did you make your money, what brand do you represent? I will take it upon myself to raise a petition against you. We want to know your source of income since you now have the nerves to come on social media and call out a brand. Who is your father, are you a taxable Nigerian. We need to start asking questions and the EFCC @officialefcc needs to start paying more 'Attention To detail'.

Till now loud Hushpuppi has not revealed how he makes his money, Huspuppi till now represents no brand, not talented, not a genius, not skillful, in-fact he is so out of the line. 
But mysteriously he lavishes huge sum of money on wears, parties and clothings. Where he sources his money from, is a question he has to answer if not it is assumed that he acquired those wealth illegally and would not want to be exposed.

Phynofino came up to advice Hushpuppi who has made some lame post about him and iceprince. He said is several posts. {i corrected the short forms and errors in the statements not changing the content of the post}

I know this cow wanna be relevant so bad but please don't try it with me...Am the wrong one.
I've got in my house..never posted it..Bought a house for my mum.. Never posted it..Got her a car on her birthday last year.. Never Posted it..

My cars? Neva posted themThe support i give to people? Never posted themBusinesses.. never posted themHow the fuck u think am gonna post a watch fool?To impress who? You..
We not on the same level mate.. You live and die for Gucci..I will live and die for my People.. The hunger is different here man
I represent a full continent, nation, tribe, brands, streetsWhat do you represent.. #hushpuppi. Gucci?Lol..Learn life man.. I Inspire You just live for the media
As You don run leave that side.. Allow this zone to enter all of us o. Cause e no go funny.. Gucci Puppet.
Just live your life.. Such fuckery when lame niggas think they are the only one seeing money..Everybody can't be loud like you.. Real wealth ain't loud..
Never.. And I repeat NEVER let any one ride your wave without permission.. IBU Onye ala?Wat do i look like to you?? Don't go there Next time cow.  



I know the pain hushpuppi will be feeling right now, he has been told the truth and the truth is always bitter, Hushpuppi is not and will never be on the same level with the musicians he disrespected. Real wealth ain't load at all.

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