6 Photos The North-Korean Government Don't Want You To See

If you have been to North Korea, you will feel the death of democracy. There are certain things you are not allowed to do. And at times if found wanting, the judgment is too severe.
The North Korean government has tried as much as possible not to show thisphotos below to the outside world.
But a photographer did break the rules. The photographer who goes by the name Eric Lafforgue has visited North Korea six times, and all the photos he has taken of this mysterious place are compelling but very illegal (in North Korea).
He risked everything when he smuggled his memory cards with countless pictures of this mysterious country.
Cause of this Eric is now banned from returning.

Poor people in North korea are often forced to feed on Grass.

Officials encourage photos of people on computers to be taken. They like to show people that they’re country is ‘free’, even if the computers is not powered on.

Only the Rich go shopping.

Water system still in use date far back as 80's

North korea claim their Military is the strongest and most disciplined

The photo Speaks a thousand words

cars are too luxurious, only the rich can ride.


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