Wale Adekile - Geek Ng Editor Confesses


Lying to your folks you've got important things to do overnight at the cyber cafe; you get there around 10pm, log in to Windows 98 or 2000 or whatever the hell is on their 64MB RAM Pentium 1 computer with the ticket you bought earlier in the day and the journey begins.
You start conversations with random people on Yahoo Messenger with "asl", listen to rap and hip-hop on Yahoo Launch Radio and stream PORN ALL NIGHT when the network starts blazing around 2am.
Lord, I was a foolish kid.
Confession by Wale Adekile. Editor of the popular Nigerian tech blog Geek.ng

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2 Thoughts

  1. Lol.. Memories. How time flies

    1. yes, time flies, today you are young the next you are real old