Two Engaged Anesthesiologists Found Dead In Their Apartment

49 years old Richard Field and 38 years old Lina Bolanos were anesthesiologists at Boston-area practices, according to the couples' respective employers after their bodies were found on Friday. 

According to law enforcement officers, the two medical doctors in Boston were engaged to each other, but were found dead in their penthouse apartment.

Police arrested Bampumim Teixeira, after receiving 911 calls reporting a person with a gun on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston. Officers who confronted Teixeira in a dark hallway in the building believed he either pointed or fired a weapon at them and as a result discharged their own firearms.

After a "violent struggle," according to police, he was arrested and taken to the hospital. Teixeira was charged with two counts of murder. Teixeira will appear in court on June 8 for a probable cause hearing.

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