Seriously!!! Old Man Caught Stealing From Passenger On Arik Air Flight

A suspected thief was caught red handed on Arik Air flight from Lagos to Abuja this morning stealing money from a passenger's bag and transferring to his own.

According to Japheth Omojuwa who shared the story, this has been a common occurrence but when they catch them, the thieves would claim, "sorry, I thought it was my bag..."

"Arik Air actually had someone pose like a regular passenger seated far behind pretending to be asleep. That person saw everything. This time though, the spy let them complete the transfer before making his own move. They were caught literally in the act" Omojuwa tweeted.

The police were alerted as soon as the incident happened on air and the thief was arrested on arrival.

In the video below, the man claims not have ever dona such act. he added that he doesn't do such things owing to the fact he is old.
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