THE WAR - (Nigerian Civil War)

It was about 50yrs ago when Men stood up for self actualization. When men took up matches to fight against the guns. When Men had the burning desire to secede from this zoo called a country. When men were feed up of being slaves in their own land.
I remember when we formed up in three's, to fight against blood thirsty soldiers who had no compassion for mankind. Only our front line were armed with Cork and Shoot rifles... The other two lines followed them behind in other to take over their riffles when they fell. It was indeed pitiable, as men died as they fought for what was theirs.
Hunger and Starvation killed our children more than the war itself. Over 45,000 BIAFRA Soldiers where killed... It was more like a mission to exterminate our tribe but God intervened. Our souls still hover above the surface of Nigeria asking for our due. We don't desire Black corks or tubers of yam. We have only asked for Remembrance. We have only asked for a day to be remembered as fallen Heroes of BIAFRA. 

A black nation that would be actualized in less than 10yrs from today.
Democracy cannot exist where 2 wolfs and a sheep are to vote for who to have for dinner.
I mourn my Uncle who was shot in the presence of his wife and Child after the war because he exclaimed in Igbo Language and the Nigerian soldier thought he insulted him. The Soldier shot him dead on the spot and felt no remorse.
I mourn my friend whose legs were chopped off by a land mine several years after the war.
I mourn the most for my dearly beloved mum who was raped by multiple Nigerian soldiers in the presence of my Dad who was tied to a mango tree. She rained curses on the perpetrators of such wanton folly as she died slowly.... I will forever love you mum.
Dad was not left out... He was taken with them and never came back...
*tears* 😔🙁.
-author (wishes to stay anonymous)
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