Teen Stole An IPhone And Answered A Call Which Exposed Him

Cops say a Florida teen made a Siri-ously (seriously) big mistake when he allegedly stole a cell phone and then answered when they gave him a call.

But it wasn't just any call, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy FaceTimed (an iphone feature that enable onr on one video call) the stolen phone only to see 18-year old Chandler Ridge Carlyle appear on the other end.

The screenshot he snapped was then shown to the victim, who identified the person as the iPhone thief, police said in a statement.

According to the victim, he and Carlyle were at a friend’s house on Central Avenue when he allowed Carlyle to use his phone to call for a ride home.

The victim claims Carlyle then left with his phone, valued at approximately $600.

The OCSO deputy first sent a text message to the victim’s phone identifying himself and requesting that the phone be returned. He didn’t get any response, so he placed the FaceTime call.

After the victim ID'd Carlyle, the deputy compared the screenshot to Carlyle's driver's license photo, leading to his arrest.

A warrant was obtained and was served May 21. Carlyle is due back in court in July.

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