Sule Lamido Rejects Bail Terms

The former governor of the Taraba state -Sule Lamido was arrested. Read here - Police arrests Sule Lamido Former Taraba State Gorvernor.

After the Court ruling he was granted Bail terms which is far more achievable compared to that of Nnamdi kanu .
Sule Lamido Was granted three light bail terms. The bail terms reads

He must Not grant press interviews or make public statements for three months
He must not attend public gathering

He must not converge political Meeting within jigawa state for three months

But, He (sule lamido) outrightly Rejected the bail terms and got himself remanded.

Read Sule lamido statement.
The former governor was alleged to have urged his people to rise up against any arrangements to favour a particular political party in the forthcoming election in the state. 

Alhaji Sule Lamido, also states that the dismal performance of the APC in the state will give the PDP upper hand in the forthcoming local government election in the state.

Heavily armed policemen on Tuesday in Dutse, Jigawa State capital, fired teargas canisters at a crowd that gathered at the Chief Magistrate Court Two for the arraignment of former governor Sule Lamido, who is being tried for making inciting remarks.

Counsel for the Jigawa State Government, Ikenna Ekpunobi, insisted that Lamido should not be granted bail until investigation was completed.

Emphasising that Lamido was charged with disturbing public peace and inciting public disturbance, Ekpunobi argued that the allegations were contrary to the provisions of the Criminal Code of Jigawa State.

However, Lamido’s counsel, Felix Osimerah, quoting Section 36, sub-section 5 of the 1999 Constitution, argued that Lamido should be presumed innocent even as he stressed that the offences were bailable.

Furthermore, he submitted that granting Lamido bail would avail him the opportunity to prepare his defence.

After listening to both the arguments of the defence and the plaintiff, the Chief Magistrate, Usman Laamin, adjourned hearing till Thursday for further hearing.

Moments after the court proceeding ended, Lamido was driven to Kiyawa prison.

He definitely was not satisfied with the careless method Nigerian judiciary dishes out Bail statements