Shopper Goes Naked And What Happened is Just So Funny

A shopper who stripped naked and caused a commotion within a grocery store in Southern California has been arrested,

The incident happened on Tuesday evening inside a Stater Bros. supermarket in San Bernardino.
Police say the man immediately doused himself in bleach after removing his clothes in an aisle. Store security tried to hold the man down until police arrived, but it was no easy feat. 

"One man grabbed his neck, I tried to grab him but he was too slippery," customer Joe Lira said.

Authorities used a Taser (electric gun) in an effort to subdue the man, but he still tried to run away. Eventually, he dropped to the ground and rolled around on the floor while attempting to escape security. 

Workers called 911 in a panic. 

"All I could hear was commotion screaming everyone going crazy," store cashier Elizabeth Evans-Spaulding said.

Police say the man was unconscious when they arrived to the scene. Paramedics performed CPR and transported him to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Hospital officials say the man is expected to recover from injuries sustained during the scuffle with police. 
It remains unclear if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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