Samuel Ortom Governor of Benue State Donates Wheelbarrows To Youths

These wheelbarrows below with the inscription Gov. Ortom for you, were donated by the Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, in a youth empowerment initiative.
Though Benue state is a state known for farming, but I see this act as a slap in the face of Benue youths.

You see what i try to tell youths. Wake up to your sense do not let this wicked politicians deceive you with money during their electoral campaigns. unless you want more of this.

Welcome to Nigeria where politicians act uneducated too. i mean the individual that came up with this idea has issues with humanity and good senses. i mean look at his.

Wheel-barrow for youth empowerment. 

Wait, why would one spend so much money into youth empowerment in the first place, thank God it is wheel-barrow cause, nigerian youths do not want to use their inventiveness for something useful. who wants to throw money into the dirts. Some nigerian youths cannot take responsibility  of their own life, you see them go around street, doing absolutely nothing.
Then you hear them greet "Ole Way" "who Goes" and some other foul sentences all in the name of being belonged to a group of psychopaths. Well, the Benue Government should be ashamed of themselves for being so dull. No encouragement to the few Nigerian youths who are trying to make meaning to themselves and become better people.

Oh, i get, how would a government be wise, when it is dominated by people who are touts in governmental covering. It is obvious, since being a tout one can never use one's initiative, one end up getting to a political position through crook acts, then as a tout politician one still won't be able to be initiative.#problemsolved. It all started from the beginning, like a loop.

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