Mob Killed A Man Who Stabbed An Old Woman To Death In Naive Vengeance

Jungle justice sometimes i feel is the best judgment. 
A young man identified as Abdulmalik was killed on Thursday after stabbing an old woman to death in Ogaminana, a village in Adavi local government area of Kogi state. According to a report by OgaWahab, the old woman on Wednesday evening, mistakenly poured water on the Abdulmalik which she immediately apologized to.

Wait...Whats that dude by the left think he is holding?
But the young man on Thursday morning, returned to the woman's house, demanding to see her. The old woman's daughter in law told him the woman is yet to wake up from sleep but he insisted on seeing her. He then asked her to pour that same kolanut water on him again, but the woman said "it was a mistake my son." 

Abdulmalik then stabbed her to death. He was, however, also killed at the spot by angry mob. So, Abdulmalik just died like that.

Okay do you know what actually killed Abdulmalik?
Remember the saying, He who seeks for vengeance, dig two graves, one for you and one for your victim.
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