Five Photos Nigerian Police Don’t Want You To See

Nigerian police has been tagged non-professional and this is due to the behavior of some police personnels. This photos below are ridiculous and incredible photos of the act displayed by Nigerian policeme.

Nigerian Policemen Fighting
This once are obviously retired touts. And they will say they enforce the law while they are the once who broke it first.

Nigerian Policeman Sleeping-On-Duty
What did he do with his night. Only him knows but it has made him a bad Policeman

Nigerian Policeman Collecting bribe
Maybe this is how they make it in life. On every highway in Nigeria you have that police checkpoint where you have to bribe through even if you are a felony.

Nigerian Policeman Counting the money gotten from extortion
After the days job, you have to do the check and balances, so this retired Accountant is doing so

Nigerian Policemen Urinating in Public
This goes far to show how uneducated and timid most Nigerian policemen are. urinating in public.

Nigerian Policemen Careless Drinking in Public
Nigerian police has a code of conduct that many Nigerian Policemen neglect. Like the ones below are getting drunk so they can come acting crazy and tout in pubic. No wonder they end up fighting in public.

Share this piece till it gets to them, let them know we see their bad act, and will soon take civil actions


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