28-year old Melissa Smith confronted and stopped a thief from stealing her car (Video)

28-year old Melissa Smith from Wisconsin has been given props by many for summoning the courage to stop a thief from stealing her car.
The video below shows Melissa at a petrol station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, filling her car with gas when a thief jumped in her car and tried to drive away. 

The fearless woman instantly reacted by jumping and clinging to the hood of the car as the carjacker tried to drive off with her.  
The frustrated thief who came with his gang members and couldn't stand the woman's braveness ultimately gave up and got away in a car waiting for him, leaving Melissa to run after her moving vehicle.

In an interview with BBC, she said it wasn’t until later that she had considered the potential danger of her actions.
Research has it that once you summon courage against a thief you automatically throw the thief off balance. it is natural
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