Why Michael Anthony Casteel Ran Back In A Burning House Will Amaze You

For the love of beer.
A man Michael Anthony Casteel who did not want to lose his two cans of Bud Ice Premuim ran back into  burning house to save them.

Michael Anthony Casteel, 56, was charged with one count of obstructing law enforcement 
and one count of obstructing a firefighter after the incident Sunday afternoon.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens said Michael Anthony Casteel was told by law enforcement to stay out of the building, but, claiming he had to get his beer, he ran back into the house.

He left, Clemens said, but then returned, this time ignoring the orders of the fire captain until he emerged with two cans of Bud Ice Premium.

Clemens said Casteel had a PBT of .082, and he was also charged with a 24/7 violation.

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