When They Say Aba Is Dirty - This Is What They Mean (photos)

Aba is one of the dirtiest city in Nigeria and that is because of the bad government which has ruled and is still ruling it. In one of the photos below, you can see a construction that is going on, it is a government work but it is being done by non-professionals. How on earth can a government use non-qualified workers to build  public infrastructure. The roads in Aba are nothing to write home about due to the poor materials used and the workers employed to do the work. 

It is no longer in doubt that Aba generates enough revenue to cater for herself, but those in charge will squander the revenue and use a small potion of it to carry out sub-standard work. 

Not to mention the non-chalant attitude of occupants in Aba, where 80% are less educated and find it difficult to be innovative. When the bad politicians come with their decieving campaign, the less educated due to money the get at that moment, they forget to use their senses. on the long run, they face the music, suffer bad roads during the raining season. when they now finally get to their senses they cannot do anything than realize they have been played on.

See the photos below. click on them to view in full.

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