(video) Russia Testing A Killer Robot | Humans Are Orchestrating Their Extinction

I do not know what weapon will be used for World War III but surely world war IV will be fought with stones and knives.

Above is a rephrased popular statement, which trying to say that world war III might be the end of human civilization. 
Russia is now integrating Artificial intelligence into it's military arsenal. And like in the movies AIs are so much powerful than humans due to the 99% accurate calibrated moves and tactics.

In the video below it shows an AI Robot being tested to shoot and you can tell the Robot did not miss a shot.

Technology should be used to serve humanity but not to fight wars and dominate each other.

When if possible world war III comes who will survive, as North Korea has threatened US with Nuclear attacks due to the missile attack US carried out on Syria.

If Nuclear Bombs 
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Attack
Are being used to fight WWIII, what will remain on earth. All these fighting and dispute is just to find peace at the end.

One day earth will find peace but with no blue skies, no green trees but a bare waste land lie in a brown shades of barrenness.

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