Read Why Mom Burnt Her 9-year-Old Son With A Very Hot Iron His Chest

A young woman or let me say mom Tamecha Jean burnt her 9-year-old son for the fact he was being forgetful. On Monday, Pembroke Pines police and Broward Sheriff’s investigators checked out a tip from a child abuse hotline. While talking with 32-year-old Tamecha Jean they reportedly learned that she became infuriated when her son came home from school without some paperwork, so she burned him in the chest with a hot iron.

Jean was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse. During her first appearance in court, her court-appointed attorney told the judge she’s a long-time resident who has a job and asked for a low bond.

“Judge what I’m going to be asking for is a $1,500 bond,” he said.

But on the other hand the prosecutors are requesting for a significantly higher bond
Prosecutor  Eric suggested the judge impose a significantly higher bond.

“Even with ties to the community, job, and her ability to post bond, I’m sorry, the violence alleged, in this case, is just so aggravating that it completely outweighs any mitigating factors, your honor. I’m going to be requesting a $20,000 bond,” said prosecutor Eric 

“What I’m going to do is, I’m going to release her ROR to Level 2 pre-trial, released with a monitor. I’m going to ask pre-trial to wave the cost of a pre-trial monitor. She is to have no contact in any form or manner with her three children until further order of the family court division,” said Judge Pole.

Judge Christopher Pole took everything into consideration and decided that Jean should be released.

Jean’s three children have been placed in the custody of protective services.

Just like that?, In Nigeria after the extended family members are done dealing with you, you gonna prefer death.

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