Nigerian Drug Traffickers Caught In Malaysia Watch Their Interrogation Video

First time video all through post.Nigerian Drug Traffickers Caught. Watch Their Interrogation Video.

First guy, claims that random guys gives him drugs to sell, where by he gets his own pay.
The second criminal stanley in the second video cry out saying he is not proud to be a Nigerian. 
The third Guy in the third video called Tony Jamaica is guilty of drug trafficking and training Young girls.

One shocking revelation is that these criminals are Igbos from Nigeria. And the interrogator confirmed that Nigerian own the largest Drug Trafficking business in Malaysia which Igbo tribe dominate the business most.

Then their moms will say "my son is abroad". Yes he is abroad as a crook.

Let it be known to every Nigerian in diaspora out there bringing shame to Nigeria. That the Nigeria you think you are running away from is where you will see yourself deported back to dead or alive.
And the shame you caused will never be erased from you history.

There is nothing as good as a good name.

The reason i do not support the biafra movement, i will soon make known to you . But this is just a tip

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