How To Differentiate Between Original Samsung Galaxy S7 and Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7

Have you ever been victim of refurbished phones. well for me i have been a victim and i know the feeling when you discovered that your so cherished phone is refurbished.
i will put photos of a refurbished samsung galaxy s7 designed by MHorse to show you the difference. But before that, i was a victim of refurbished LG G6 it has the exact look of the original. While the refurbished ca look alike, there is still a difference in the body design.
For a refurbished LG G6, you have no significant hollow on the volume buttons behind the phone. Unlike the original one you get a dentition so significant so you place your finger in it. That's the much i can say about the LG G6. So let me dive into the main phone here.

This is the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 which has a

Non-curve display.

No Samsung written in front top.

Big Navigation Fret.

Double speaker outlet whereby the functional one is behind and the one bottom is just an opening

Original Samsung in contrast to the refurbished one has

Curve Display
Light exposed nav button that is a bit curved
Speaker is positioned below the phone

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