Flying Delivery Drone Can Still Drive To Your Door

Very Soon Robots will replace all of Human Work, and humans will do nothing but think.

Delivery drones have more than a few challenges, not the least of which is dropping off the package in a convenient place. Do you really want tto study nature or construction projects. You can even add robot arms to grab samples or unload supplies.

The Panther is already on sale in the US (it's discounted to $2,495 until April 5th), and Advanced Tactics is quick to stress that you don't need to go through regulatory hoops to own one. It's light enough to be considered a small drone, so you don't need an FAA waiver to fly it. You probably won't see companies using it right away, though. 

While it's relatively easy to buy a drone for personal use, it's another matter to clear the legal and logistical hurdles needed to use it for business. Where would delivery drones launch from, for example? Still, the test is proof that there are already drones that can solve some of the real-world problems with drone use

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