Fight Outbreak In Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri.

Something beyond craze happened in Federal Polytechnic Nekede in owerri city, imo state,Nigeria.
A guy tore a girl's cloth in a fight which drew the attention of everyone around.

Story has it that the during a practical in school of Business Nekede, the victimized girl whom you can see centered in the picture above made a soap. So to the hearing of everyone, she made several statement  boasting her soap can handle any type of washing. 

Then, she went further to emphasis on the fact that her Soap can wash to the extent it can wash a boxer clean.  Story has it that she emphasized on the boxers to offend a guy whom was standing nearby.
So the guy took offense and landed a hot slap on her face too loud everyone stood still.

In vengeance she furiously attacked the guy and a fight broke out leaving her shirt severed. Man-O-War personnels had to settle the dispute.

To avoid risking it all, The scenario was settled within school compound, Who knows what could have happen to the girl if this happened outside school environs.

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